Agbo Remireke-A Festival of Unity

19Agbo Remireke Festival is best described as a festival of unity and reunion of the people of Agbowa at home and in diaspora.  Although a very small community, the people of Agbowa have a very vibrant culture and tradition which they have sustained for several decades; I am talking about the Agbo-Remireke festival, celebrated every three years, in honour of a water deity.  The interesting thing about the festival is that, it’s celebrated during Christmas, even though it’s a traditional festival. The festival starts on Christmas day, the 25th of December and ends on the 9th of January.


13The festival is a unifying platform for all the religions; Christianity, Islam and Traditional belief system. In other words, unity is placed as a top priority as against religious affiliation for celebrating this festival.  The festival is open to all, explained Chief Oluwaremilekun Adeniyi; the Iyalode of Agbowa during an interview with her. She also stressed on the importance of the festival to the people of Agbowa, she said the Agbo Remireke is the only festival celebrated by the people of Agbowa and it’s highly attended by Agbowa citizens at home and in diaspora. She said the festival brings peace and unity to the community. Engineer Shikiru Kunle Ogunfowora, the Aro of Agbowa buttressed same point by saying the festival attracts both youths and the elderly, male and female and even children are encouraged to be part of the festival so that, the tradition is sustained. He said, the festival is dedicated to women.

The festival opens the community to visitors and create a great avenue for good sales so it 4dbrings happiness. Chief Titilayo Ajayi Olufunwa; Laparipo of Agbowa said the festival is very good for the development of the community and for promoting the cultural heritage of the people of Agowa. As for Iya Afin Taiwo; the Iya loja of Agbowa, the festival is a great blessing to the community and also spiritual too. She said when celebrated, the festival brings peace, luck, tranquillity and success to the people of the community.

17Wasiu Dehinsilu who happens to be one of the major coordinator of the festival talked on the tourism potential of this festival and seek support from the government and private sectors to further promote the festival. He said, organising the festival, requires a lot of funds and support from the public. Rasak also called for great support from the Lagos state government to keep the festival going and even improve on it. He said the bulk of the money spent on the festival comes from the residents of Agbowa.


Wasiu, Yacoub and Rasak


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